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Monday, May 10, 2010

My package from Alicechan9 came today!

I am happy to say that my giveaway Prize is finally here from Alicechan9!! yay Thank you Alice!!

I was sooo very excited about getting this package and I got home from work and it was was waiting for me!!

This is the beautiful necklace ...It was supposed to be for my husband but im absolutely in love with it ! I think it looks like an angel wing! what do you think?

if you want to see more of her beautiful jewelry you can visit her jewelry blog HERE

This is another little sweet that i see often but i have never tried it ...i didn't know if i would like the milk too much but...

I just ate it and it is so good!

This is a sweet that i am familiar with but I buy the big bags of mini ice cream cone shaped sweets that are strawberry flavored ..This one is chocolate filling and it is a big 1!
Now Pocky is my all time favorite and so is Hello Kitty so I absolutely love her for this 1!!!

This is a little bag of yum! has gummy treats made by kasugai and some hard candies and also a butter ball hard candy!

OMG!!! yum! i opened these because my daughter seen them and she was screaming panda panda !!! these are her favorites she ate all of them i ate 2 so this is a favorite!
These are so good i have had them before so i am happy about this 1!!!
and this is the kawaii letter she wrote thanking me for entering her giveaway!!!
Thanks again Alice!
If you haven't visited her blogs you must.... also you must visit her other BLOG too where she has giveaways and great posts as well!

You are great Alice keep being wonderful!!


  1. Aww this is so sweet of you to do a blog post sweetie! Im really happy you like the necklace although it was supposed to be a male winner, but it looks awesome on you too! Will your husband even be able to wear it? XD haha!~

    I hope you enjoyed eating the sweets, and i thought you might like the Hello Kitty Pocky! ^_^

    Thank you so much sweetheart! But you are the wonderful one!

    Much Love,

  2. Love the necklace - it is gorgeous and really does look like an angel's wing! And I didn't know they had Hello Kitty Pocky! That's awesome!

  3. Thanks for the comments and i really enjoyed everything and my husband will not be able to wear it its beautiful!!! lol