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Monday, December 12, 2011

Giveaway soon to come!!! Please Read for details!!!

Hello lovely followers!!!!

I wanted to give you all some heads up about the giveaway I will be hosting within a week
or so.....
As some of you may know already my Youtube account has been SUSPENDED!!! so I will have to make another account ...
I was absolutely heartbroken !
But its okay I feel like my Subscribers and friends will come back as soon as I make my new one even though it will probably be very hard to get all 2000+ back ....
I hope some of my lovely followers on here will help me out also in letting all your friends and followers know about this!! ...I will be doing that asap mabye tomorrow or the next day im going to start up a new one.....

My giveaway will be running on there too try to help me get my subbies back I hope you all will enter when that post comes along.

well that is all for now ...please let me know what kind of items you would like for me to giveaway !! 
I always appreciate your opinions and suggestions.

I hope you all have a wonderful week !
I look forward to hearing from you!

=(^ 3 ^)=

Kawaii Nail art 2011/12/10

 Fruity Nail art

glow in the dark zebra print nail art

 Pucca and Garu ^_^

Aqua and Pink gels 

I hope you enjoy !

Saturday, November 5, 2011 Review ...glow in the dark powders!!

This is a review on some very wonderful glow in the dark powders I was sent from!!!!!

I absolutely love the way this set came out I only had to add a very small amount to the acrylic for it to show so well !

All I did for this set was use a clear acrylic with a small amount of the pink, blue, green and orange powders, then I simply did a nice and easy zebra design with a black striper.

I will be making a video on my youtube on these powders!

check for that video within a week or so ....

this is the finished product I hope you enjoy!!!!

I really reccommend these powders to all of you guys because they will last you super long and they are great quality you only need a small amount for such a wonderful glow!

I also have a coupon code for all my followers and viewers for 5% off of anything on please go and support me and by using my code and if I get 30 uses out of my code I will be hosting a nice giveaway on my blog so go go go !!!

I will be getting some things together for my very first giveaway so look out for that also!

I hope you all use the coupon code and get your 5% off before dec 22 2011 ...dont wait go now!!

They have some amazing items on their website you will enjoy as much as I do I assure you!




Nail art Update!!!!

these are the nails that i have done within the last month ...

Friday, May 13, 2011