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Saturday, November 5, 2011 Review ...glow in the dark powders!!

This is a review on some very wonderful glow in the dark powders I was sent from!!!!!

I absolutely love the way this set came out I only had to add a very small amount to the acrylic for it to show so well !

All I did for this set was use a clear acrylic with a small amount of the pink, blue, green and orange powders, then I simply did a nice and easy zebra design with a black striper.

I will be making a video on my youtube on these powders!

check for that video within a week or so ....

this is the finished product I hope you enjoy!!!!

I really reccommend these powders to all of you guys because they will last you super long and they are great quality you only need a small amount for such a wonderful glow!

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I hope you all use the coupon code and get your 5% off before dec 22 2011 ...dont wait go now!!

They have some amazing items on their website you will enjoy as much as I do I assure you!




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