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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haul / Review of Sally Hansen, NK, Nicka K, ETC

This is a haul and review of some of the items I purchased yesterday First ...
I purchased alot of nail art stripers and alot of which are my favorite...Art Deco by L.A Colors is so far my all time favorite nail art striper I would rather it above all of the stripers that i have tried in the past..

I did try this KISS nail art striper but it is a bit watery ...And I didn't like that too much...
Art Deco lasts longer then any other striper and It goes on Bold so that is good for me...

Black and White

The difference between the 2 silver stripers are the size of the glitter the right one is a very fine glitter and the one in the center is a large glitter with fine glitter I love Bling! ^_^
and the one all the way to the left is a gold polish not a glitter I just bought a glitter one so i needed a regular gold striper polish.

Some cute lashes i got...I really really like this set they are so great I put them on and they look so cute! I cannot wait to try a different set!

Pink ultra cute earrings !

This is a lip glaze that I got and this is really good it is nice and thick ..
I like thick style lip gloss but the color is a little different then I expected the pink is a little more shimmery then I thought...almost silver T.T

but other then that I have no problem I would just use this very sparingly instead of a top coat it would be a thin base ...

Now I already have a white eyeliner pencil that works wonders but this doesn't as much it is okay for my inner eye area for the shimmer but for lining the eye it isn't so good...

These are some mechanical pencils I got for the new tutorials I am going to be doing for Youtube...My anime drawing ...I think a mechanical pencil works the best when drawing anime characters ....

This is my Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet...I always support all Cancers.
Save The Ta Ta's!!!
This is a Hello Kitty Key chain that is filled with heart shaped candy...It was so cute i couldn't pass it up!

This is a inexpensive lip gloss I got and It isnt too bad it is nice and semi-thick and I couldn't pass this one up because the color was too cute!

it looks nude but it has a strong gold tint and I don't like that all so i'm definitely not going to use this...I don't really like lipstick anyway...unless its extremely nude.

This is so far my favorite out of the lip glosses that I purchased and I didn't think it would be..because it looks really intense and dark and I thought it would look brown but it is ultra nude and I like it so much

I really appreciate everybody reading and I only review honestly and up to my standards everybody is different what I don't like could be what you love I am just giving my honest opinion !
I paid for everything with my own money!!!