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Sunday, May 9, 2010

カワイイ弓!! 私は近い将来店を作ります!!! Hime Style Bows and future store information!

These are just a small introduction to the bows i will be making for a store that im going to make within the next few weeks i hope i will have some sales from my wonderful followers!..

Im really excited!!! But this will not be the only thing I sell im also going to sell deco material for phones, etc....I will be taking requests..

but all the things that I sell will be super ultra kawaii! lol

and i also will be making sets of 3D Hime Gyaru style nails and any requests that I recieve and I will be selling those also...

I will have more information about the store as time goes by and i will also post more pictures of what will be sold very soon...

I will most likely have that within the next few days so look out for that ..I hope you enjoy this little preview and i hope to do business with you in the very near future..!!

Thanks for reading!!


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