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Monday, December 12, 2011

Kawaii Nail art 2011/12/10

 Fruity Nail art

glow in the dark zebra print nail art

 Pucca and Garu ^_^

Aqua and Pink gels 

I hope you enjoy !


  1. I have a question about gel nails! I put the gel on my nail, and then cured it under the lamp, then I went to wipe off the sticky layer with "cleanser plus", and although it did remove the stickiness, it left me with a totally dull nail, not shiny at all. This is really disappointing, because I love how gel nails have that high shine that doesn't fade. The ingredients of the 'cleanser plus' is Ethanol Acetone. Does anyone know why this could be happening? I heard that alcohol could be used, and if so, what type of alcohol?

  2. @ fallen serendipity

    Hi! im sorry for such a long reply
    If you use a gel top coat that is where your high shine will come from ....this is normal , this dull look when you wipe but once you apply your gel topcoat you will get your high glass shine!
    Good luck! let me know how it turns out or post a picture *^_^*

  3. @ lucky

    Thank you so very much I appreciate your comment!