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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review on NSI Aroma Free Spa Sampler Kit***

Ok to start things off This is the packaging it came in was placed neatly in this little baggie and It came with a primer-7.39ml, classic pink-7g, Radiant white-7g, and the aroma free acrylic liquid-30 ml

So first I started off by preping my nail like so with... their line of cuticle dissolve called VANISH ...Vanish is by far the best cuticle softener I have used and I have tried others from different companies and I have also tried oil based ones also and I haven't seen good results from those but it seems this one works best for me!!

Pushed the cuticles back

Then I filed , dehydrated and primed the nail

After doing so I placed on my form and began the application process..

Now the aroma free liquid is not like regular at all in texture its a bit thicker then the regular acrylic liquid..and it doesn't give off any smell ..but if you move in closer to the liquid almost gives off a faint plastic smell...nothing harsh at all...I liked that it was different from what im used to it was very weird not to smell acrylic the whole time ^_^

Ok now this was my favorie ...I tried alot of different pinks when it came to doing Pink and Whites but this one is my favorite ..anytime I found a new pink there was always something I didn't like ...for example it was too translucent or it was too white looking or pale....or sometimes it would look a funny almost brown tint..but this one was perfect it was a perfect shade of pink..I was very surprised and also very pleased...

so I used Radiant white for the white part and I have used this product in the past and I really like the way it looks when doing pink and whites ...I would also use this white when doing 3D nail art
Its a strong white

now what was also different for me was after the nail was done and dry it had a tacky layer on top almost like when using gel products ...It was not a bad thing because once you filed to the desired shape the nail looked perfect!

Also I realized when I was applying the acrylic it took a little longer to dry and That is a plus in my book because I use nail forms more then tips so for the acrylic to take longer to dry means a well shaped sculpted nail for me and thats something I really liked about this product!

I did a small 3D Butterfly on the nail for some design and this was how it turned out I used "Negligee" one of their pastel collection colors that I also recieved .....for the inner part of the wings and "Fire and ice" another color from NSI that I had for a while for the outer part of the wings.

with flash

overall I really liked this product it would be something that I purchase in the future and I also reccommend this to all my subscribers expecially the beginners who need more time for the acrylic to dry because that is the main thing my beginner subscribers say is the acrylic dries to quickly and the nail looks like a lumpy mess but its ok everybody starts out like that practice makes perfect!!!
But I enjoyed doing this review and I hope it was helpful for those who wanted to know about aroma free nail products!
I was sent these items from NSI but was in no was paid to do this review I do my reviews honestly 100% and I do it for my readers so you can get the best out of it , also I just want to say that just because I really liked this item does not mean you are guarunteed to like it my reviews are based on my standards and mine alone so try the product out yourself and I hope your experience goes as well as mine has!
Thank you all for reading!

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