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Friday, April 9, 2010


There is an amazing website its called little kawaii things im going to leave the link:

now this website is absolutely great if you absolutely love homemade Kawaii items like me!

The website has things like Hime hair bows that are made of lace and also made of ribbon and slo other fun material!

She also has other things like plushie hair clips and Hello kitty homemade hair clips which are super super Kawaii!!!

Dont forget about the cell phone charms and necklaces and other kinds of jewelry made from swarovski crystals...Also there will be clothing soon to be on the website also soo you absolutely have to check it out i mean it is ultra kawaii things for great prices!

Believe me when i say i know Kawaii when i see it!!!!

she is also having a giveaway so also check out her youtube channel as well and subscribe to her !!!